Maybe you have already experienced the following situations: You have to wait in the queue of a service hotline. Or the e-mail communication with the support is not running smoothly. Make sure your customers do not have the same experience.

In the first part of this two-part article, we explained how you can integrate portals successfully into your CRM system using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal. In part two I will show how to use this technology to set up a service portal for your customers simply and quickly.

Ensuring a good customer experience

With the SAP Cloud Platform Portal you can create professional support websites quickly and with minimal outlay, to ensure you make a good impression with your customers, even if they are contacting you regarding problems. Offer your customers an ideal customer experience, after the purchase as well, so that they remain satisfied and will want to do business with you again in the future.

In the digital age, customers want to be able to contact support via multiple channels, in order to obtain a solution as flexibly and quickly as possible. Studies have shown that above all in the (important) younger target group, the Internet is appreciated a great deal and is also a preferred communication channel. And a self-service support site is predestined for this. As already mentioned, such sites can be implemented faster than ever before with the help of the SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

Features of the Self-Service Support Site

Several features will be introduced here, which can be made available on a self-service support site:

Ticket creation

Allow your customers to create new tickets themselves. By providing an app with an intuitive GUI, users can create new tickets themselves.
Your benefit: through the integration with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, the new tickets appear directly in your system and no longer need to be entered manually by support staff.

View tickets

Through the integration with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, applications can be created where the tickets are listed. These applications can be used to view open tickets or tickets that have already been processed together with the message history.
Your benefit: Your customers can browse through the lists in order to find a solution to their problem themselves.

Edit self-created tickets

Customers who create tickets themselves should remain in contact with your support during the ongoing process. Additional messages can be added to a ticket and the answers from support can be read in real time. Updates can be viewed in the SAP Sales Cloud.

Access rights to content

By using a registration form, you can restrict access to the content of your website to specific customers or adapt content based on the customer. For example, you can determine whether employees can only read their own support requests or all of the requests from their department or organization.

The self-service support site could look like this:

Fiori Launchpad

To provide the above-mentioned features, the Fiori Launchpad could be used as template and each function can be published as its own Fiori app. Thanks to the connection of the SAP Cloud Platform with the SAP Service Cloud, all created apps can display, update or delete information from the SAP Service Cloud.
This means that your self-service customer portal is fully integrated into the CRM system and you have direct access to all relevant customer data.

The simple creation of a self-service support site via the SAP Cloud Platform Portal allows your customers to create service requests themselves and review submitted service requests at any time and on any device. You receive a solution that is integrated seamlessly into your SAP Service Cloud ticketing system and which gets your service department ready to handle the challenges of the future.

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