Does this sound familiar? You would like to engage your business partners more directly in order to share leads and opportunities or establish a service and training portal. It would also be really great to integrate it all with your CRM application and pair it with a smooth interface for a modern user experience. Costs should be also taken into account and it should be available as soon as possible.

These are the difficulties we encounter from time to time when talking to our customers; and they used to be a real challenge in the past.
Ever since SAP introduced a whole new generation of CRM systems with SAP C/4HANA, however, these types of challenging tasks are easily accomplished due to its highly flexible architecture and standard-based interfaces.

Combined with the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and particularly the SAP Cloud Platform Portal, you can conveniently implement CRM-relevant enhancements in a way that meets the expectations of users today.

The cloud-based portal service allows you to create and use sophisticated and appealing websites that you can access from your web browser, or mobile via your smartphone or your tablet. The portal service ensures fast and secure access to corporate websites and provides consistent look and feel across all devices.

It takes only five easy steps to create a portal and integrate it with other systems:

  1. Connect your existing systems with SAP SCP
  2. Create a new website by selecting a website template
  3. Define the contents of the website
  4. Set up access permissions for your new website
  5. Publish it

Keep on reading to find out how easy SAP Cloud Platform Portal develops content, manages permissions, and integrates cloud-based, on-premise or third-party solutions.

Website templates for faster publication

You can create and publish websites from within SAP Cloud Platform Portal. The service comes with pre-designed website templates that simplify website publishing.

The Fiori launchpad is one of the templates made available to you. It displays a homepage with different tiles, each representing a Fiori app. On this homepage, you can reuse existing Fiori apps, for example by adding the social media app SAP Jam or SAP Mobile Documents.

Freestyle pages can also be used as templates, allowing you to tailor page content and layout to your specific needs.

The cloud-based SAP HANA Cloud Platform development environment provides a lot of opportunities for enhancements. Here you can use existing templates as a basis for developing your own Fiori apps and page templates. With only a few clicks you publish the applications in SCP conveniently. The applications you created are immediately available for your websites.

Decide who gets access

Whether there are internal or external partners, employees or specific business departments, you can set up access permissions for pages and apps to control who can access your website.

Integrating on-premise and cloud-based solutions

Whether you want to integrate it, with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP ERP solutions or with other systems, the service provides centralized, web-based access to your business data. The possibilities offered are vast and numerous. For example, you can create support pages for your customers or partner portals for your business partners.

The excellent interface design and the simple building of corporate websites lead to a unique user experience and satisfied customers.

Fast, easy and flexible

To sum it up, one can say that SAP Cloud Platform Portal gives you a fast and easy way to design your internet portals and link them to any existing infrastructures. Extend your current and stable core processes flexible to be even better prepared to respond to future requirements.

Benefit from:

  • Shorter development cycles with lower costs and high-quality results
  • Out-of-the box Fiori apps and website templates with smooth interfaces
  • Websites in your corporate design
  • Integration with existing SAP solutions like SAP Sales Cloud or third-party solutions

In one of my next blog articles I will demonstrate how you can use the technology in the SAP Cloud Platform Portal to easily build a service portal for your customers and to integrate it with your SAP Service Cloud ticketing system. Stay curious and continue to follow our blog.

SAP S/4: Study on Transformation

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