12/13/2021 Future Value Chain

Circular Economy: Battery Management as Example from the Automotive Industry

In the following article, we take a look at potential business models for players in the automotive industry with regards to …

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Future Value Chain

Circular Economy: How Can Your Company Benefit?

The concept of circular economy allows companies and organizations to combine economic success with social and environmental sustainability goals. To become …

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Collaboration: SAP JAM Meets SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

The cloud-based collaboration platform SAP Jam provides a great solution to support internal corporate communications. Today, we would like to talk …

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User Experience as a Key Element of Digital Transformation

Looking at the digital transformation objectives, we often see the key focus on automation. Whether it is simple automated rules or …

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New Now in Organizations

Circular Economy in the Plastic Industry: How to Make it Happen

This blog article highlights the five success factors that help the plastic industry to move towards a circular economy. Circular economy: …

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