The Internet of Things (IoT) stands for keywords like Smart Home or Smart City. In factory and production contexts we also talk about IIoT: the industrial Internet of Things. IoT is a network of physical and virtual objects, such as smartphones, cars or even refrigerators, that are connected in order to exchange information via the Internet. Find out how IoT creates new business value.

IoT – the internet of things – is a network of physical and virtual objects that are connected in order to exchange information via the Internet.

12/18/2019 Logistics

Digital Warehousing: The warehouse of the future

Thanks to the possibilities of digital warehousing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), flexible and scalable warehouses can now be …

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SAP Field Service Management

Offer your clients the service they expect: only the best! Today’s clients expect customer service that is immediately available, efficient …

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IoT and Digital Manufacturing: Networking at All Levels

The Internet of Things is basically about networking. But many IT managers are still not exploiting the potential of integration at …

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#SAPInnovation – Have a Look at our 2019 Award Submissions

The SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of top companies and people across the globe that are using SAP products to …

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Web Sockets – Saviour from Asynchronous Events

Each time, when companies deal with asynchronous events, like barcode scans in a manufacturing plant, that leads to many actions of …

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management for Lot Size 1

What are the drivers and success factors for successful supply chain management against the background of digitalization? The SCM experts at …

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Artificial Intelligence in Warehousing: Data Maintenance Automation

In this blog article, we give insights about an innovation to be possibly implemented in warehouse and your according future vision: …

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Data & Analytics

SAP S/4HANA Conversion: Not Without Intelligent Data Archiving

Data archiving plays an important role in this and is particularly significant in the course of the conversion to SAP S/4…

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