Many of our customers for SAP Sales Cloud use external applications for their mailing campaigns. What the business units usually lack in this scenario is efficient synchronization between the external mailing tool and SAP Sales Cloud. As a result, email recipients often have to be exported and imported manually. This process is not only error-prone – it also costs a lot of time. For CleverReach, we at Camelot provide an integration between the the marketing tool and SAP Sales Cloud. It automatizes the exchange of information and simplifies the creation of mailing campaigns.

Learn in this article

  • how the CleverReach integration with SAP Sales Cloud simplifies the work of the marketing department in campaign creation, and
  • how the integration contributes to a holistic view of the customer.

Synchronize Target Groups and Campaigns in the SAP Sales Cloud with CleverReach

After successfully compiling all recipients of a campaign, a target group with a suitable campaign is created in the SAP Sales Cloud. Through our integration tool, the target group and the campaign just created are transferred to CleverReach. Next to the recipient email addresses it is also possible for other attributes to be synchronized, such as name, title or other attributes that you may want to use in your mailing. You can view the CleverReach information stored for the campaign directly in the SAP Sales Cloud. From here, you can also jump directly to CleverReach to work in your mailing.

Integrate CleverReach with SAP Create

Continue Editing Mailings in CleverReach

After synchronization, your recipient list from the SAP Sales Cloud will already be stored in the mailing. Therefore, in CleverReach you only need to check the preassigned mailing information and create or select a suitable email template. The transferred recipient attributes – such as title or name – can also be used in your email.

Sending the mailing is triggered from CleverReach as well.

Evaluate Executed Campaigns in SAP Sales Cloud

The results of your complete CleverReach mailings are displayed – fully integrated – in the SAP Sales Cloud campaign and can be clearly assigned to customers and contacts. For example, you can see which contacts have received and opened your mailing, alongside click rates, bounces, and canceled subscriptions. The full reporting capabilities of the CleverReach mailings are thus seamlessly visible and usable in the SAP Sales Cloud. Take a look at our examples:

Integrate CleverReach with SAP Create

Integratinv Cleverreach with SAP: Modified Statistics

Costs, Benefits and Setup

With this solution, you can easily and quickly integrate your existing or new marketing processes in CleverReach with your SAP Sales Cloud solution. This enables you to track the holistic customer journey of your customers. The synchronization option of the marketing permissions between CleverReach and SAP Sales Cloud ensures a GDPR-compliant use of the data.

The license cost of the CleverReach integration for SAP Sales Cloud is a fixed price (see SAP Store). The tool is on the market since 2019 and kept-to-date. It is implemented in a mini-project.

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