Camelot ITLab has successfully realized the implementation of a new CRM system based on the SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud for a leading logistics service provider in its area. The customer has more than 1,000 employees, and markets individually adapted transport concepts along with international traction power.

The continuous company success and associated very rapid company growth of recent years had made it necessary to closely scrutinize and then optimize the underlying business processes and IT applications that had arisen in the course of the company’s history with regard to customer relationship management.

After an initial carefully conducted IT and provider selection procedure, new implementation of SAP C/4HANA with the C/4HANA team of Camelot ITLab GmbH was decided on. The comprehensive technical expertise, knowledge of logistics processes and many years of experience Camelot had acquired in countless CRM projects were convincing here.

Introduction of a future-proof CRM system

The business processes and IT applications involved with customer relationship management had arisen over time and were correspondingly heterogeneous. Customer and contact data were maintained in MS Outlook, potential projects then managed in decentral Excel lists, data for evaluations manually assembled across several systems, reports were compiled by hand and dispatched by e-mail.

For the logistics service provider, central recording and processing in future of all customer-related processes and customer data in a CRM system was important. Sales staff had to have access to their CRM data irrespective of device and be able to process it online and offline on mobile devices.

In transport service projects, hundreds of relations (transport routes) are on offer to some extent. The resulting requirements cannot be mapped 1:1 in standard SAP. In view of this, the SAP standard for project mapping had to be expanded by a customized development.

In addition, the logistics service provider’s employees had to be able to provide ad hoc information to the financial department and management, as well as generate all relevant KPIs and reports with corresponding graphic features at the touch of a button.

Consequently, the CRM introduction project included the new introduction of lead and account management as well as the professional mapping of transport service projects with subsequent comprehensive reporting.

SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud

The logistics service provider chose the current SAP CRM solution for mapping its business and technical requirements from the C/4HANA product portfolio in the form of SAP C/4 HANA Sales Cloud.

Apart from the functional scope for mapping the CRM business processes relevant to the company, SAP C/4HANA provides the technical foundation for ensuring future seamless integration of the pre-existing SAP ERP.

Since SAP C/4HANA is a purely cloud-based solution, it provides an option for scaling company development at short notice and simultaneously keeping the IT costs (TCO) as low as possible.

Tangible results

The data quality of the customer and contact master data were significantly enhanced by now having them maintained centrally in SAP C/4HANA and replicated in MS Outlook through standard integration.

In addition, a lead management process was established that permitted the logistics service provider to record newly generated leads at an early stage – for example on the spot at a trade fair in the system and then to track them promptly on a corresponding system basis.

Customer and contact master data are automatically generated in the system from the leads. These leads are then further developed as specific transport service projects.

The expansion of the SAP standard means transport service projects can include several hundred relations (transport routes) that are fully configurable according to route, the goods transported, etc.

Furthermore, the SAP standard was expanded to the extent that contractual allotment currently retrieved/used up by the customer can be immediately compared to the agreed framework agreement allotment. As a result, sales employees can provide information immediately and recognize the potential for follow-up business.

Good cooperation is the key to success.

Since several colleagues frequently work on one project, their cooperation was greatly improved by the integration of SAP JAM. Information and documents are now centrally administered in project-related groups and every employee always kept up to date through news feeds with the current processing status.

Due to introduction and modification of the reporting functions included in SAP C/4HANA standard, employees can now provide information to the financial department and management within a few minutes. Every employee is provided with a clear presentation of the information they need.

Thanks to close cooperation between the Camelot ITLab CRM team and the technical department of the logistics service provider, a modern, future-oriented CRM solution on the basis of agile project methodology was successfully introduced to support sales activities, which apart from integration in other backend systems, also offers configuration options with regard to future service processes.

SAP S/4: Study on Transformation

The study "Expectations on S/4HANA in 2022" by techconsult and CamelotITLab shows possible painpoints in any migration and how they can be avoided. With data from 200 companies in Germany.

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