Are you tired of regularly typing up the contact information from business cards and notes you have collected to record it in your CRM system? Perhaps you find that you have even misplaced the business card, it is no longer legible or a typo has crept in?

Digital instead of manual

We are pleased to officially announce that through our partnership with snapADDY we are further simplifying and expediting the process of contact registration for our CRM customers.

Our promise to you: a simple and lean process for lead and contact registration, which offers you various benefits.

In future, with the help of the “snapADDY Business Card Scanner” your contacts will be automatically recorded using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), this is possible for business cards in 23 different languages, with thousands of address formats supported.

What’s more, before the data is automatically exported to your CRM system, a duplicate check is carried out to ensure that the data quality of your CRM system is not diminished by duplicate data sets.

Automated contact registration will relieve your sales staff of a huge burden and the quality of your data will be enormously improved by avoiding typos, the loss of business cards/notes and fully automated export to your CRM system.

Additional functions that will make your daily routine easier

If a set of contact details have been recorded in the CRM system once, they must be regularly updated and possibly expanded. This is irritating work, for which sale staff often have little time.

We have prepared a solution for this problem too: the “snapADDY Grabber”! With the help of the snapADDY Grabber, you have at your disposal an intuitive solution for researching, expanding and updating your contact information and for creating new leads or contacts.

In practice this means that you can automatically research a lead using various sources such as emails, Xing, LinkedIn or the contact information on a company website.

Alongside the two product highlights presented above, with “snapADDY Visit Report” snapADDY offers your the opportunity to create interview report templates for trade fairs visits and those made by sales staff, and have the corresponding information and business cards automatically registered. The automated CRM export makes life easier for your sales staff here too.

Since we are convinced that the partnership between Camelot and snapADDY will contribute to your business success, we have illustrated the synergy of our partnership once more in the following diagram. We can offer you and your customers a fully-automated contact-to-lead-to-cash process.

If we have piqued your interest and you have further questions, please contact us, with no obligation on your part. We would be happy to present the solution to you in a live demo.

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