Value Chain Fundamentals

What does Value Chain mean? What is the idea behind Supply Chain Management? And how does this relate to business software?
Check our Value Chain Fundamentals to learn the ropes.

Check our Value Chain Fundamentals to learn the ropes of Value Chain Management and SCM.

12/06/2021 Future Value Chain

What the Chemical Industry Expects from the German Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Act is meeting with a mixed response in the German chemical industry. The German Supply Chain Due Diligence …

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Six Pillars of Successful Logistics Sourcing

Choosing the wrong supplier can have fatal consequences, especially when it comes to the area of logistics. Six guiding principles are …

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How to Manage your Warehouse Dock in Real-time

Uncontrolled truck arrivals are typical for many loadings or unloading stations. The result: demurrage costs, bad dock utilization, and process waste. …

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