SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud platform for efficient supply chain planning: In order to be able to respond to uncertainties in the development of demand and the high expectations of customers regarding service and delivery times, systems and processes must be perfectly coordinated. Our experts give further insights.

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud platform for efficient supply chain planning to be able to perfectly coordinate systems and processes.

05/30/2023 Digital Supply Chain

Introducing Full Flexibility in IBP Design

Even if you are not a consultant or a developer, this article is for you, particularly if you are from the …

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Digital Supply Chain

Go Virtual Master Data Type (MDT) in IBP

Great option in SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) to compensate for the very scattered data model proposed by SAP that …

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Digital Supply Chain

Rule-Based Master Data in Supply Chain. A Smart Idea!

This article shows the challenges to overcome when running a profitable and smooth supply chain with master data.

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Man vs. Machine – Who Controls your Production?

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