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Data & Analytics

Data Management for a Data-Driven Company: Case Study

To enable new business models, CAMELOT supported a transformation towards a holistic data management with our client SBB. The change towards …

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New Now in Organizations

Career & Life: Harmonizing Consulting Job, Social Engagement and Travel

Social commitment, sabbatical and longer time off in the consulting job? Possible at CAMELOT!

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Supply Chain Management

Envisioning Future Supply Chain Planning

Making supply chains ready for current challenges means incorporating learnings from the past years and moving towards a more resilient and …

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Tomorrow’s Pharma Logistics: Ready for the Next Chapter?

Next to globalization and digitalization, upheavals in supply chains due to the Covid-19 pandemic and various climate disasters drive the need …

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New Now in Organizations

Interns Matter – Experiences from Our Chemicals Team

CAMELOT offers students an opportunity of gaining their first practical experience via internships to help them firm up their ideas about …

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