Adam Krych

Over 10 years in strategy consulting for the life science industry gave Adam the proper understanding of key trends and issues that organizations face nowadays. He’s passionate about linking holistic strategy thinking and industry knowledge with current value chain trends to gain competitive advantage for organizations. In his free time, Adam loves skiing, playing board games and spending time with his family.

Expert in strategy consulting for life science industry

Articles by Adam Krych

Future Value Chain

Pharma Value Chains: Trends 2023

During the last two years, pharma value chains have received attention either through tremendous performance in developing, making, and distributing new …

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Supply Chain Management

Designing a Strong S&OP

In this article, we describe how to design a forward-looking, cross-functional and integrated S&OP process from scratch.

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Supply Chain Management

Why Bother with S&OP/IBP – Still?

There are tons of truths and analysis about Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) that at the …

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