A dedicated team from Camelot reached 2nd place in the SAP Packathon for the Data Warehouse Cloud with a use case for Supply Chain Resilience and Supply Chain Monitoring.

In a Packathon for selected partners at the invitation of SAP, Camelot contributed to the further development of the Data Warehouse Cloud. The focus was on available content packages for end users. Camelot’s use case gives companies an always up-to-date overview of difficulties in inbound and outbound delivery. The Supply Chain Resilience Cockpit uses data based on the standard extractors of the SAP S/4 system, external data such as weather forecasts as well as general news situations. The use case combines the industry know-how of CAMELOT Management Consultants with the deep technical knowledge of Camelot ITLab to a great added value for companies.

Detailed views on various dimensions

In the use case, the user profits from detailed views which display information about the topics supplier, product and customer. An essential key figure is the service level which can be analyzed on the different dimensions and compared over time. In addition to the operational ad hoc reporting of inbound delivery and outbound delivery, there is also the option of taking a strategic look at the entire supply chain. Here, the inbound, outbound and internal deliveries are displayed with a map.

Include external data

In the next step, the team is working on a deeper integration of external data to make high-quality predictions on shifts in the supply chains or disruptions in the process flow. In addition, there are plans to add algorithms to the key performance indicator “service level.” The goal is to gain and use insights from external data and make an accurate prediction for the service level. The planned content package enables deep insights into the supply chain. It will be available in a free basic version in the SAP Marketplace after successful further development. During the Packathon, further exciting scenarios for supply chain optimization were created with an Inventory Opportunity Analyzer. This shows potentials in companies’ warehouses and will be further detailed and elaborated. Subsequently, they will be available to customers as use cases for the Data Warehouse Cloud.

SAP S/4 Transformation: Survey on Expectations

The study "Expectations on S/4HANA in 2022" by techconsult and CamelotITLab shows possible painpoints in any migration and how they can be avoided. With data from 200 companies in Germany.

Download the complete study here

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