According to the IDC’s Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide, global AI expenditures will hit $98 bln by 2023. Today many companies are willing to adopt AI, but do not know where to start. This article discusses how CAMELOT leverages the Design Thinking approach to work out an AI Roadmap for enterprises. In further series, we will introduce the Intelligent Data Management approach, which is focused around data extraction topics and enables companies to harvest low hanging fruits and quickly enjoy the value of the AI-driven enhancements.

Leverage the expertise gathered within the Global AI in MDM Community. It is still not too late to jump on the train.

AI-driven enterprise: where to start?

AI offers plenty of opportunities to profit off the new technology across industries, but realizing a wide AI strategy across the whole value chain can be challenging. Which process would be the most feasible for AI implementation? What resources are needed, and which stakeholders should be involved? These questions are hard to deal with, especially if your company lacks an AI-related expertise base.

The answer is simple – start small. First projects focusing on a specific process or more narrow tasks will help you to generate sufficient knowledge about the technology and what it takes to implement an AI-based solution.

Our Design Thinking Envisioning Workshop that has been proven in our AI MDM Community and led to the generation of many company-specific use cases helps companies to start off on the right foot when it comes to first steps in AI adoption. We help companies define the roadmap and set up a clear strategic vision of AI adoption. Our business and data science experts will help you to determine the set of issues along the value chain that have the most potential for AI application and locate resources needed.

Design thinking approach

Developed in Stanford, the user-centric design thinking approach is a powerful methodology for dealing with complex, wicked problems and embodies 6 main steps: understand, observe, define the point of view, ideate, prototype and test.

Big market players like IBM and Apple have long applied design thinking to develop innovative concepts. The approach is cross-industry in its nature and has become increasingly popular due to its two leading principles: deeper problem understanding and rapid prototyping. They allow for a profound analysis of company-specific pain points and testing multiple ideas at an early stage to better grasp product properties, save time and money. Rapid prototyping enables further refinement, which means a product of better quality is delivered to the market faster.

Design thinking workshops are different from normal workshops. A creative day, work in groups – getting out of your daily routine.

Innovative workshop – what to expect?

The key to success is in the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop – we bring experts in the business, industries, data and IT fields together at one table – this is where innovative ideas are generated.

Tangible workshop deliverables will help you to convince further stakeholders in your enterprise to engage in the AI-driven projects.

The training on AI we provide is suitable for business persons and ensures all participants possess a common level of necessary understanding of possible applications for AI technologies.  By sharing lessons learned during previous AI-related projects and presenting exemplary use cases, we ensure you have fertile ground for an innovative brainstorming session.

Finally, CAMELOT also equips clients with the necessary resources to communicate the value proposition to the senior stakeholders – we support you with change management and communication activities for these highly innovative topics.  In addition to knowledge built up during the design thinking workshop, we provide you with a management presentation to make a strong case.


CAMELOT is the home of the AI in MDM Community – the collaboration platform for AI forerunners with over 100 members. The Community is built on more than 15 years of proven track record in data and information management. Within the Community, we have already delivered many successful workshops and several PoC projects. CAMELOT combines data, people, technology and processes to deliver solutions that build competitive advantage at any stage of the value chain. Reach out to us and start your AI-driven journey!

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