Data Catalog

Data Catalog enable a modern way of working with data, help establish new concepts of data management and build the foundation for internal and external data sharing.

Data Catalog: enable state-of-the-art working with data, new concepts of data management, and internal and external data sharing.

05/11/2023 Innovation

Explore the Possibilities of Data-Driven Innovation with SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data by providing a secure, scalable, and intuitive platform for …

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Data & Analytics

Metadata Management Framework – A How-To-Guide

An important task is the good management of metadata. The main components that should make up the metadata management options allow …

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Data & Analytics

Data Catalogs in a Data-Driven World: the Why + the What

Data Catalogs enable a modern way of working with data, including features like glossaries or functionalities to collaborate across teams. They …

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Data & Analytics

Data Catalog – The Silver Bullet to Govern Data Analytics?

The data volume and the frequency of data changes has increased exponentially in the context of digitalization. That leads to very …

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Processes, business rules and a dynamic user interface ensure data is entered the first time right and is ready for process …

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