Dr. Sebastian Kapser

Dr. Sebastian Kapser started his career in logistics at a medium-sized logistics service provider before pursuing his university education in the area of logistics. Afterwards, he has gained experience in the production planning of a premium automaker, in transport planning in the construction industry and in a leading transportation research institute. During this time, he not only participated in process re-design and implementation projects on an international level but also investigated the potential of new innovative technologies in the field of logistics.

Expert for production planning and innovative logistics technologies

Articles by Dr. Sebastian Kapser


Ultra-Cold Chain in Vaccine Distribution with Intelligent Containers

The distribution of vaccines has always been a challenge and extreme low temperature must be maintained. A solution is within reach: …

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Covid-19 as a Catalyst for Autonomous Last-Mile Delivery

Despite all the bad news and problems that COVID-19 is standing for, the pandemic also boosted the digitalization in several aspects …

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