Philipp Scheufens

Philipp supports clients in the area of supply chain planning and innovation. He is passionate about integrating human and algorithmic decision-making to leverage the best of both worlds. His goal is to design and drive the supply chain of the future where every single price, planning, order and purchase decision creates sustainable value. Pursuing this goal, he utilizes the concepts of behavioral operations and machine learning to design human-centered AI applications that outperform current solutions.

Specialist for Supply Chain Planning & Innovation

Articles by Philipp Scheufens

Supply Chain Management

Navigating The New Normal

How a forecast analytics solution can help demand planners and forecast analysts create stable baseline forecasts in uncertain COVID-19 times. In …

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Supply Chain Management

How to master demand planning in COVID-19 times

The corona pandemic turns supply chain planning into what seems like a mission impossible. Supply chain leaders and demand planners need …

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