José Iglesias

José Iglesias is advising process and discrete manufacturing companies along the entire value chain and guiding them towards a successful digital business transformation. In the first half of his 30 years professional life he has implemented automation solutions in various process and discrete manufacturing industries, while the second half was focused on the integration and synchronization of business processes between ERP and shop floor systems.

More than 30 years experience in digital solutions for manufacturing

Articles by José Iglesias

Digital Supply Chain

Augmented Reality (AR) Revolutionizes Pharmaceutical Production

Augmented reality (AR) refers to the integration of digital information into a real environment, for example by overlaying additional elements in …

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Making the Big IT Trends Tangible – Camelot ITLab at the DSAG Annual Congress 2018

More than 5,000 visitors came to Leipzig for this year’s DSAG Annual Conference to discuss trends and current developments in the …

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