Jean Bauer

Combining strategy, value chain and digital transformation experience allows Jean to find and apply pragmatic solutions to business problems. Integrating sustainability into our business world is the major challenge for our generation that Jean is ambitiously working on. Jean is always curious to explore and pioneer. He is open for communication and social interactions, with an interested eye on foreign cultures. As a hobby chef and food-lover, Jean is focusing the environmental and health impact of his food.

Sustainable Value Chain Consultant combining digital and sustainable expertise to drive future-ready business transformation

Articles by Jean Bauer

New Now in Organizations

Career & Life: Harmonizing Consulting Job, Social Engagement and Travel

Social commitment, sabbatical and longer time off in the consulting job? Possible at CAMELOT!

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Migration to SAP Business Technology Platform Multi-Cloud – an Example

In this blog post we will give you an overview of the features and benefits of the new SAP BTP. We …

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SAP Analytics Cloud to Replace BPC?

Any company that has faced the tasks of aligning enterprise processes with business strategy to pursue sufficient enterprise planning with SAP …

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Supply Chain Management

Envisioning Future Supply Chain Planning

Making supply chains ready for current challenges means incorporating learnings from the past years and moving towards a more resilient and …

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360-Degree View Provides Transparency in Complex Offers

In this blog article you will learn more about modern solutions of CRM systems in the construction industry.

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Future Value Chain

How Blockchain Can Help to Manage CO₂ Data across the Value Chain

Inter-company CO₂ tracking is crucial for reducing Scope 3 emissions but challenging to implement. In this blog article you learn more about …

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