Dr. Iris Heckmann

Iris Heckmann has more than ten years’ experience in applied research and consulting for quantitative decision making in supply chain management, logistics and health care. Her experience ranges from strategic supply chain design and planning to operational logistics process management. Her passion is dedicated to the consideration of uncertainty to determine risk-aware and resilient supply chains. As a lecturer, she teaches “risk-aware decisions” at the HECTOR school of engineering & management at the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Expert for supply chain risk management and decision science

Articles by Dr. Iris Heckmann

Supply Chain Management

A new look at supply chain resilience – Re-Inventing supply chain risk management

In the face of major disruptions, companies need to grasp the opportunity to build resilient supply chains for the future, and …

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Future Value Chain

Supply chain risk management – the rise of the forgotten

Supply chain risk management re-enters the spotlight of managers’ attention. Is your supply chain resilient? Do you know your vulnerabilities, also …

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