Frank Arnold

With his more than 20 years of experience in management consulting as well as in the enterprise application and SAP market, Frank Arnold leads the field of agile, digital and Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management at Camelot ITLab. He has a strong background in supply chain planning and execution as well as manufacturing operations and is driving the integration of digital solutions such as Blockchain, Data Intelligence, Machine Learning und IoT into Camelot’s service and solution portfolio.

Expert for Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management

Articles by Frank Arnold

Supply Chain Management

CAMELOT Comment on Gartner’s Maverick Research “Demand-Driven Is Deadly to Your Supply Chain”

The Gartner Maverick Research Demand-Driven is Deadly to Your Supply Chain not only provides insight into a critical obstacle to achieving …

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Digital Supply Chain

Considering Labor Skills for a Feasible Production Plan

In the latest blog post we discussed the influence of labor availability on the production schedule and why the perfect plan …

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Digital Supply Chain

DDMRP – Operational Demand Planning Requires More Than Forecasts

DDMRP stands for “Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning.” In this new planning approach, replenishment orders are only triggered by actual demands (customer …

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