A Transport Management System in the building materials division offers the blueprint for further TMS rollouts at Raiffeisen Waren GmbH.  

Raiffeisen Waren GmbH started reorganizing their transport management system (TMS) in 2020 to better support the automation und scaling-up of dispatch and transport processes. Especially during the “building boom”, it became more and more important to deliver materials as fast as possible to remain close to customers and ensure a high customer satisfaction.  

The building materials division was chosen as a first pilot. Camelot supported the client with defining and introducing standardized dispatch and transport processes for both outbound and inbound logistics. One important goal was to return to the SAP standard using standardized processes. Another important pillar was the automation of transport planning processes: 

  • standardization of all transport processes 
  • process optimization 
  • transparency 
  • future-proofing of TMS solution 

As the implementation fell into Covid-19 lockdowns, a clear scope management by the involved project leaders proved to be very helpful to ensure that project was delivered successfully. Building on the learnings and blueprints from the SAP transport management system, implementation in the building materials department, Raiffeisen Waren GmbH already launched the next stage in the field of procurement logistics with Camelot as implementation partner.  

Download the Client Success Study “Raiffeisen Waren GmbH: Transport Management Supports Growth”. 

SAP S/4 Transformation: Survey on Expectations

The study "Expectations on S/4HANA in 2022" by techconsult and CamelotITLab shows possible painpoints in any migration and how they can be avoided. With data from 200 companies in Germany.

Download the complete study here

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