A digital twin of a supply chain simulates how different planning concepts affect a company’s supply chain. This helps to predict how much a company can benefit from a shift to a Demand-Driven Operating Model.

A Demand-Driven Supply Chain helps to mitigate inefficiency symptoms in supply chains by strategically planning and intelligently managing inventory buffers with Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) and replenishing these buffers intelligently. By doing so, companies can right-size their inventories, increase service levels and put a stop to constant firefighting.

As promising as this sounds, the question remains: How does your company benefit from this in the given market environment, with a special demand or supply situation, or with regards to other company-specific factors in the supply chain setup?


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Demand-Driven experts Dr. Ulrich Wetterauer and Jonas Rethmann introduce the “proof of value approach”, which delivers an end-to-end concept and benefit assessment with the CAMELOT Business Impact Analyzer. It allows a detailed simulation of planning concepts with the help of a supply chain’s digital twin and includes network dependencies and effects over time.

The webcast shows how companies can explore the benefits from the Demand-Driven planning approach that includes a supply chain digital twin of their inventory buffers and production utilization.






Race for Value: Towards the Digital Supply Chain

To leverage the full potential of digital supply chains, there are still challenges to overcome. This thought paper provides insights on how to drive the digital transformation of the supply chain.

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