The shift to a customer experience-driven sales and marketing (or even business) focus is often followed by the question of where to start with the redesign of processes? Business Model Strategy Expert Nicolas Eckhard shares a proven three-step approach.

Acquiring customers creates costs. To mitigate these, companies need ways to transform a one-time-buyer into a partner in a long-term relationship. Customer experience (CX) is a way to prioritize measures so that a company can convince a customer of the value of a product or service at any step of the customer journey. The shift towards customer experience is more than a change in mindset, CX needs to be implemented and supported in daily business as well.

But where to start with the redesign of processes?

Customer Experience: How to Prioritize Process Redesigns

Nicolas Eckhard, Business Model Strategy Expert shares a proven three-step approach:


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Three Steps towards the Next Level in Customer Experience

Define customer archetypes

Define groups or archetypes from your customers. Analyze their respective consumption behavior in order to tailor messages around service offerings to their needs.

Define interactions

What acts do these archetypes typically have with the company? Detail those and include all interactions, from awareness through the sales process itself to billing and beyond, well into trouble-shooting in customer service, to be aware of every contact interaction.

Prioritize customer acts

Which customer acts have the highest impact? Prioritize them accordingly and work on redesigning one customer act at a time.


As you improve the individual customer acts, you redesign your customer experience and get ready to establish a new level of quality in the relationships with your customers. And remember: The goal is not getting finished – but getting better constantly.

Want to learn more about the strategic side of the shift towards more customer experience? Visit our site on business model innovation.

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