To enable new business models, CAMELOT supported a transformation towards a holistic data management with our client SBB. The change towards a data-driven organization included cultural, organizational and process-related aspects throughout the company.

Find out more in our Case Study on the SBB project.

A holistic data management in culture, organization and processes – that was the goal of our client in an ongoing strategic transformation program. The initiative was a key pillar to support new business models through data and to build a process-related, technical and cultural foundation for a data-driven organization.

As a prerequisite for data-driven business transformation, our customer needed one single source of truth in data throughout the organization, with the ability to trust their data and embed them in all process-related as well as cultural aspects of the organization. Target-oriented actions and a strong focus on empowering people helped root the initiative within the organization.

To continuously develop and improve the data management activities in addition to ongoing digital transformation initiatives, CAMELOT proved to be a strong partner that supported the journey from an initial vision to the implementation of solutions. As part of the transformation efforts, a proven MDM framework guided results-driven project activities across the different domains.

Our case study provides more information on the data management efforts towards a data-driven Company. Download the case study on data management here.

From Strategy to Execution at SBB

The transformation at SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) established an organization-wide understanding of data management and a data-driven working mode Moreover, these changes are highly important to drive innovation in the upcoming years. A strong partnership between CAMELOT and SBB was a key factor for this.

Download the Case Study

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