Combine marketing automation with your CRM system

Do away with tedious manual importing and exporting of recipient lists between your SAP Sales Cloud and the mailing and marketing automation tool Inxmail. With the Camelot Inxmail integration, you can easily synchronize the most important data of your email marketing campaign at the click of a button and thus not only save time but also eliminate classic sources of errors such as typos.

Find out how you can select recipients from SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) in just a few steps, synchronize them to Inxmail and evaluate them in the Sales Cloud afterwards.

Select and plan in SAP Customer Experience – send via Inxmail

Our Inxmail integration allows you to create target groups directly in SAP Customer Experience and plan campaigns based on these target groups. The campaigns and target groups are easily synchronized to Inxmail at the click of a button where they are available for further processing as newly created mailings.

screenshot inxmail

However, the synchronization of recipients is not limited to email addresses. You can transfer as many other attributes as you wish, such as the salutation, title, name, etc., which you want to use in your mailing.

Editing and designing the mailings directly in SAP Customer Experience

After the campaign has been synchronized to Inxmail, it is made available there for processing as a mailing with reference to the selected recipient list from SAP Customer Experience. After synchronization, our Inxmail integration allows you to edit and design your mailing directly in the SAP Sales Cloud and even release it for sending.

Evaluation and reporting as desired

Just like editing the mailing, access to reporting after the mail has been sent is also possible in the embedded Inxmail window. This happens within one and the same business object in SAP Customer Experience.

We also offer the option of displaying the evaluation using specially defined reports. Another feature is the mapping of opt-ins and opt-outs of your recipient’s marketing consent in SAP Customer Experience.

Interactions, such as the opening of an email or the clicking of a link by the recipient, can also be viewed in SAP Customer Experience.



With our Inxmail for SAP Customer Experience integration, you can quickly and easily optimize your existing Inxmail marketing processes in your SAP Sales Cloud or map new marketing processes. The synchronicity of both systems, ensured by the integration, can help you to significantly simplify the sending of mailings and newsletters and thus save a great deal of time.

If we have piqued your interest in our Inxmail for SAP Customer Experience integration, or if you have any further questions, please contact Jimmy Jüttner directly for an offer.

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