The age of data is challenging in many ways. The high speed in development results in many technological solutions. These technologies are often combined into large-scale system landscapes, and their complexity steadily grows. Similarly, the amount of data constantly increases – on average, every person generates 1.7 MB of data per second (Thought Leaders, 2020). Generally, data is a key factor for smooth business processes and automation in a digitalized world – starting with master data.

Master Data Management and beyond

Efficient Master Data Management enables higher performance and a resilient business through a robust data foundation. It is the basis for accurate reporting and helps to achieve competitive advantages. Building up on a well-designed Master Data Management, companies can add analytics & data science techniques as a sustainable competitive factor enabling revenue increases and cost savings along the entire value chain.

In addition, many data processes can be successfully automated with self-driving processes. That leads to an elimination of manual errors and enables your employees to work on more strategic and challenging tasks. The results can be higher efficiency as well as faster cycle times and reduced costs. However, in practice, the world of master data management, analytics & data science, and self-driving processes are often complicated.

Data-Driven Leaders Community

To overcome challenges in this complex environment, networking and learning from others are essential. Therefore, CAMELOT designed the Global Community for Data-Driven Leaders. The community keeps professionals up to date with the latest innovations and exclusive insights in the field of data & analytics.

Read some examples in our introductory articles on Process Mining, Hyperautomation, SAP MDG or Data Literacy.

Overall, employees of around 75 international companies are already participating. They benefit from CAMELOT’s moderated LinkedIn Group, offering the chance to share thoughts and ideas. CAMELOT understands its role as facilitator, for example, to start the discussion, but aiming towards a self-driving community to have a contribution from all members.

In the Data-Driven Leaders community, we combine profound industry knowledge, process expertise, and cutting-edge technological know-how to receive outstanding results. We will rely on best-practices to deduce next-practices so that your company sustainably benefits. Community members are provided with continuously updated content, comprising interesting presentations, the latest research information, innovative use cases, lessons learned, how-to guidance, and much more to ensure the continuous inflow of new ideas. Benefit from this opportunity to find partners for co-innovation joining forces in the endeavor to bring first data & analytics lighthouse uses cases to life.

Online Roundtables and upcoming events

For members of the community, several events are planned for the upcoming months. The format will be our Online Roundtable, which is an interactive session in a private atmosphere without recording. CAMELOT’s experts moderate the Roundtable and briefly introduce the topic, but the main aspect of the event is the discussion. The Online Roundtable already took place successfully in September, October, November, and December 2021. Many interested participants shared their opinions and experiences with reference data management, data catalog, and data governance.

At the end of November, the Online Roundtable discussed how self-service analytics facilitates an organizational paradigm shift. These days, traditional business intelligence often struggles. It might be that inefficient processes cause time lags so that required information be already outdated. Companies can face the challenge of requesting relevant information in real-time and at the right place with self-service analytics. We discussed the potentials and challenges of self-service analytics, evaluated how it enables incremental organizational transformation, and highlighted current use-cases. The biggest learning of the session was that a lot of topics needs to be considered to make SSA happen – and most of them seem not to be technical.

In mid of December 2021 the roundtable’s subject was how SAP’s Business Partner enables modern and intelligent enterprises. Many enterprises use the centralized platform SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) to manage their master data. Moreover, SAP’s business partner concept is regularly implemented in the SAP MDG. The Business Partner improves data quality, data consistency, data governance, and flexibility. In so doing, it facilitates an intelligent enterprise. Our experts presented current use-cases in the field of the Business Partner and discussed with the participants the opportunities, but also challenges of the Business Partner concept. Due to the positive feedback, additional Online Roundtables are set up by now.

The Hyperautomation Series

CAMELOT’s partners and technologies

Expected for March 2022, we will roll out CAMELOT’s Hyperautomation series. Recently, CAMELOT launched its proprietary platform including different technologies such as Virtual Assistance or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These technologies enable companies, among others, cost- and time-savings. With each of our partners, UiPath and Cognigy, we will have a kick-off event to determine the scope of the series. Afterwards, we will specify the technologies in additional deep-dive sessions – exclusively for members of the Data-Driven Leaders community in the format of Online Roundtables.

Data Driven Leaders

For the year 2022, there are a lot more events planned. So, stay tuned!

Interested to learn more? Join the D&A – Data Driven Leaders on LinkedIn!

SAP S/4 Transformation: Survey on Expectations

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