The Demand-Driven Radar 2021 by CAMELOT Management Consultants identifies the newest insights into the adoption and trends in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management is a paradigm shift that involves moving from a cost to a flow focus, thus helping companies to maximize revenues while minimizing inventories and assuring a consistent and reliable service. It is an approach that has been designed to adapt operations to today’s volatile and complex business environment.

Key findings of the Demand-Driven Radar

The Demand-Driven Radar is a annual cross-industry survey that highlights changes, trends, and key challenges in the Demand-driven Supply Chain Management space. The 73 respondents comprise all corporate roles from supply chain expert to C-Suite. The companies surveyed cover all other global regions, with a majority headquartered in Europe and the US. They include small and medium enterprises as well as large enterprises.

Demand-Driven Radar 2021 by CAMELOT Management Consultants names the following benefits for Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management.

Improving Agility

Improving agility has become a precondition for companies to survive. Reducing lead time and improving agility is considered the top supply chain challenge of the next three years by 74% of study respondents. With today’s constantly changing business environment, the key question is no longer when, but how to build an agile supply chain.

Achieving Supply Chain Maturity

We already know that Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management is a proven concept for achieving supply chain agility. The maturity of available services and supporting digital solutions has grown and is no longer an issue for not starting the Demand-Driven journey.

Moving from Strategical to Tactical

With the growing maturity and availability of solutions, the implementation of a Demand Driven operating model has moved from a strategic to a tactical and operational topic. It is the heads of department who must take care of the implementation, no longer top management. In 50% of all surveyed companies, the switch of responsibility towards the Head of SC has been made.

Include Change Management

Change management remains the key success factor of a Demand-Driven transformation, and organizations should not stop their respective efforts. The survey results show that the importance of change management is still underestimated in many companies. According to the survey results, only ten percent of surveyed companies have published a roadmap for becoming Demand-Driven and only every third organization has a defined team and budget.

Demand-Driven Radar 2021: key findings
Benefits of Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management from Demand-Driven Radar 2021


Preparation for the Uncertain

As we all experienced during the pandemic, no concept can protect a company from the unexpected. However, the capabilities an organization acquires with an end-to-end transformation towards Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management are the best possible preparation for the VUCA world.

The Demand-Driven Radar Survey provides valuable and detailed information on the status quo and trends in Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management.

Looking for further insights? You can download the full study here.



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