Eventbrite integration for SAP Sales Cloud

Many of our clients use online platforms like Eventbrite to organize in-person or online events. The platforms are not only intuitive and easy to operate but also offer all functions required for completely dependable event management.

However, they are often missing functions that enable a response to the following questions, which are important from a sales and marketing perspective:

  • How many and which existing clients from the SAP Sales Cloud took part in the event?
  • How many potential new clients (leads) were able to be recruited for the event?

Our experts have considered these questions and developed a solution: Eventbrite integration for SAP Customer Experience.

Find out below how your events and participants can be automatically synchronized in the SAP Sales Cloud and how you can use the newly acquired data for follow-up activities.

Set up an online event in Eventbrite

The process begins with the creation of a new event in Eventbrite. Event details such as the start and end date, description, payment methods, etc. are specified, and the order form is defined for your participants.

In the order form it is possible to differentiate between private individuals and companies. This offers the benefit that a distinction can likewise be made between private customers and company contacts during synchronization in the SAP Sales Cloud. The newly established event is taken into account for synchronization in the SAP Sales Cloud as soon as the event has been published.

Automated synchronization of events and event participants in the SAP Sales Cloud

A regular automated process synchronizes events and event participants in the SAP Sales Cloud. The synchronization frequency can be set as required, for instance every day before the start of work or once at the weekend. Manual synchronization can also be triggered manually using the following two buttons.

Using the “Events” button, the latest event information is synchronized.

Using the “Participants” button, the participants from live events are synchronized.

For every event created in Eventbrite, a target group and campaign are generated in the SAP Sales Cloud. In this campaign, information such as the event name, event description, start and end date, and event number is synchronized in CRM.

The participant information is listed in the target group or campaign under the facet “Eventbrite.” Information such as the date, name, contact, client, private client and check-in status is listed in table form for each participant.

At the start of synchronization, all participants are set out in the SAP Sales Cloud as private or corporate clients. By means of the duplicate check, employees can then assign the leads to existing private or corporate clients or convert them into new clients if required. The participant list in the campaign is updated accordingly.

The participant list is, on the one hand, displayed using the target group and campaign and, on the other hand, is likewise available in the business objects “Client,” “Private client,” “Contact,” and “Lead.” In this way, all of the contact’s events are displayed in this overview, and the 360-degree perspective is complete.

Use event information for follow-up activities

The events and participant list in the SAP Sales Cloud not only serve to provide information but can also be used in a targeted fashion for follow-up activities.

For instance, a follow-up email campaign can be carried out with further event documents or a mass activity can be set up for your own staff. For this purpose, a campaign can be started for the realization of the respective action. For target group creation, we recommend, for example, the use of our Camelot Marketing Segmentation Enhancement, as this enables filtering, e.g. by participation or no-shows, from Eventbrite.

In the following example, filtering is carried out to include all contacts who attended the event “Online event: Eventbrite integration.”

Subsequently, a new campaign can be created using the selection in order to carry out a follow-up activity.

Eventbrite integration for SAP CX: benefits at a glance

  • Automated synchronization of events and event participants in the SAP Sales Cloud
  • Automated lead setup for event participants
  • Participant list visible by client, contact, private client, lead, target group and campaign
  • Event participation can be used for follow-up activities

Have we sparked your interest? If so, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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