Under its CEO Christian Klein, SAP has launched RISE, an offering designed to support companies on their individual path to the S/4HANA Cloud. Camelot ITLab has been a certified RISE partner from the very beginning. Find out what is behind RISE with SAP and how companies can benefit from “Business Transformation as a Service”.

RISE with SAP is SAP’s response to the challenges of moving to S/4HANA Cloud. A company’s often highly customized IT systems and processes, in addition to in-house developments, cannot simply be transferred 1:1 to the cloud. “This conversion is not a technical migration, but rather a transformation which requires the contextual examination of professional requirements and a holistic approach to the system landscape,” comments the German SAP User Group DSAG. If the transformation is successful, the added value can be significant: SAP promises a reduction in total cost of ownership of up to 20% compared to on-premises implementation (source: SAP.de).

What is RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is a new offering from SAP designed to support companies individually throughout their transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise, regardless of starting point and level of complexity. In the process, SAP operates as the sole contractual partner for the service level agreement (SLA), operation and technical support, regardless of which hyperscaler the customer chooses. SAP calls this “Business Transformation as a Service”. The offer bundles all the components necessary for an efficient and successful transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise in three steps. For this, SAP relies on the support of its partner ecosystem.

  • Redesigning business processes based on industry best practices
  • Technical migration to a modular standard solution landscape
  • Intelligent Enterprise design with S/4HANA Cloud

Source: SAP SE

Step 1: Redesigning business processes:

With business process intelligence, customers benefit from SAP’s knowledge of business models and processes based on its work with more than 400,000 customers in 25 industries. Companies can conduct continuous analysis of how processes work, compare them to industry standards and easily adapt them to changing conditions and business requirements. Intelligence can be seamlessly embedded into business processes thanks to a direct connection to SAP Workflow, robotic process automation (RPA) and other AI services.

Step 2: Technical migration:

Integrated technical services guarantee a smooth migration to a standardized, modular and flexible solution landscape with a consistent data layer – a key prerequisite for being able to react quickly to new business requirements. These can be supplemented with automated services as required, facilitating the shift to modular and standardized solution landscapes in the cloud and thus enabling innovations to be utilized more quickly. The cloud infrastructure can be operated in an SAP data center or by a hyperscaler of your choice. This allows customers to benefit from Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities without a data and system lock-in.

Step 3: Building an Intelligent Enterprise:

SAP’s Business Technology Platform provides the foundation for holistic business transformation. It can easily be supplemented by any other SAP or third-party solution. Currently there are more than 2,000 APIs available for this. A single semantic layer allows for real-time control and planning across the entire enterprise and ensures reliably high data quality for analysis, planning and AI scenarios.

What does RISE with SAP have to offer?

RISE with SAP offers customers the fundamental components required for an Intelligent Enterprise, packaged together with and complemented by premium services and tools. Customers therefore benefit from quicker time-to-value, increased flexibility and a faster transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise.

Do you have questions about RISE with SAP? Would you like to know how you can get started with RISE with SAP? Please don’t hesitate to write us a message!

SAP S/4 Transformation: Survey on Expectations

The study "Expectations on S/4HANA in 2022" by techconsult and CamelotITLab shows possible painpoints in any migration and how they can be avoided. With data from 200 companies in Germany.

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