What is blockchain? What is it actually used for, which industries do already use productive blockchains and where does the connection between blockchain and cryptocurrencies come from? Andreas Göbel, Head of Center of Digital Innovation Blockchain, talks about new business models and concrete application errors in using blockchain in the current Dell podcast Road to 2030.

Together with Benjamin Krebs and Roland Schäffer, he takes a look at service models in the field of blockchain and explains which new business models blockchain features such as decentralization, transparency and immutability of data open up. The experts also tackle the topics of data protection and GDPR. There’s also a reality check at the end: what’s the hype around blockchain and what will the next years bring?

In other words, everything you need to be up to date on the topic of blockchain!

In Dell’s Road to 2030 podcast series, experts talk about developments in technology this decade and their impact on business, society, education, healthcare and industries. The series is a technology dialogue with industry experts, researchers and exciting personalities.

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Go here to listen to the podcast series: https://soundcloud.com/user-933345759/tracks


Read more about Road to 2030: https://www.delltechnologies.com/de-de/blog/road-to-2030-der-erste-deutschsprachige-dell-technologies-podcast/

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