The University Hospital of Basel’s award-winning project demonstrates how the digitalization of the feedback process using SAP Service Cloud leads to greater patient satisfaction and improved clincal processes. 

The University Hospital of Basel is a complex, ultra-modern operation, with 44 clinics and over 7,000 employees. Patient satisfaction is the top priority. In order to continuously improve feedback processes and hence patient satisfaction, the hospital wanted to find a future-proof IT solution. It decided to realize a further step of its digitalization strategy with SAP Service Cloud. SAP Service Cloud was established as a central system for the recording and processing of patient feedback from a wide range of digital and analog channels.

Figure 1: IT architecture of the new solution

By means of the SAP Cloud platform integration, both the SAP industry solution for hospitals, known as IS-H, and the Identity and Access Management system (IAM) were set up. Real-time data connections via mashup and enable process-related data, such as case and medical data, to be available without saving in the system. This leads to increased transparency and the quicker exchange of information on the one hand. And on the other, requirements with respect to the protection of sensitive patient data can be optimally met.

Thomas Wyss, Head of Digitalization & ICT Administrative Services at the University Hospital of Basel, commented on the project as follows:

University Hospital of Basel and Camelot – creating success together

In November 2020 the project was awarded the “Best of Consulting Award” by business magazine WirtschaftsWoche. This is the result of extraordinarily good collaboration between all participants, both on the side of the client and the service provider. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have made this success possible.

Should you be facing challenges similar to those of the University Hospital of Basel, we would be happy to discuss your problem and would be delighted to develop solutions for it.

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