The maintenance of multi-language data is of high importance, especially for companies with a global presence. Data such as purchasing, sales or basic material texts, which are crucial for the business processes or used in the communication with business partners, need to be managed in more than one language. This can be a major challenge for users maintaining master data as they often do not have the required language skills. Camelot’s Integrated Text Translation Service solves this problem by integrating automated text translation with your SAP MDG system.

Translation challenges

Manual handling of translations may lead to low-quality master data and hence to poor business processes as wrong translations may lead to different meanings when used in different contexts. Such challenges create the need for a reliable and automated solution to translate any text in your SAP MDG system.

Camelot’s Integrated Text Translation Service

Camelot offers a solution to integrate the DeepL REST API web service with the SAP MDG framework to automatically derive translations for your master data to any desired language. DeepL uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to translate texts, so that the context is considered to avoid any misinterpretations in the translation. The integration ensures high performance and usability for the end-users.

Making translations in SAP MDG very easy

Camelot’s Integrated Text Translation Service in SAP MDG offers many advantages as a convenient-to-use solution for your master data translation activities. It guarantees a more efficient data translation compared to the traditional manual approach, since the fully automated translation solution runs with a prepared template implementation that requires minimal manual effort. Furthermore, the Camelot solution ensures that the translation quality meets your standards by using artificial intelligence and complex deep learning algorithms which are currently recognized by many companies as one of the most reliable translation APIs on the market.

How it works

The Camelot Integrated Text Translation Service in SAP MDG simply needs the ISO language codes of the source and the target language as well as the text in the source language respectively. The video below illustrates the automatic translation of a vendor purchasing text translation from German to English, French and Italian.


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To cut a long story short

Companies strive to make the best possible use of their data, which can only be achieved through high data quality. The Camelot Integrated Text Translation Service solves the problem of multi-language data processing by enabling users to directly translate their master data texts within their SAP MDG system while maintaining. Sounds appealing? Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


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