Optimize visit planning and visits by your sales representatives by creating the Perfect Store. The SAP Sales Cloud Perfect Store helps your sales staff to focus on the right activities, at the right time, at the right location.

As a manufacturer or supplier of products, you always want to ensure to offer the right products at exactly the right time, and at the right location. But today’s customers have an almost limitless range of choice when it comes to making a purchase, leading to consumer-oriented markets. The SAP Sales Cloud Perfect Store can help you to adjust your offer to meet the expectations of the consumer, particularly where these affect purchasing decisions.

Structured planning of visits

The main aim of the Perfect Store is to increase your market presence, and with this to maximize your sales chances and improve the customer’s shopping experience. Perfect Store’s functionality is incorporated into the visits section of the SAP Sales Cloud and can be individually adjusted for each store visit. Every store is different in its design. SAP Sales Cloud Perfect Store lets you produce different store layouts, along with so-called Engagement Maps, in order to ensure your products are perfectly positioned in store.

Targeted processes for efficient increases

You can also insert so-called Engagement Points into your Engagement Maps that clearly indicate which points a sales representative should focus on during their visit. These Engagement Points can contain predefined yes/no questions, such as whether the corresponding advertising material or your specific product has been displayed at the agreed location. Tasks and surveys can also be linked to the Engagement Points in order to help your employees keep track of stock and availability levels, or to clarify a price on location. In addition, the Image Intelligence function helps you maintain an overview of the visibility and availability of the product. This information results in a Perfect Store Score that tracks a business or product’s performance over a certain period of time.

React in real-time to situations on the ground

The sales representative can then use the information provided to create targeted sales offers, sales orders, or service tickets on site, to ensure any problems are solved immediately. The SAP Sales Cloud Perfect Store function is entirely supported by mobile end devices, and so can also be used offline (excluding Intelligence Image Recognition).


Use of the SAP Perfect Store can help your sales representatives optimize their store visits. Functions such as the creation of engagement points in particular, which are weighted using self-defined KPIs and incorporated into the Perfect Store Score, can help you develop a better understanding of consumers’ purchasing decisions. The information gained offers your employees support in making decisions regarding product placement, product pricing, or sales volumes, ultimately giving you a competitive advantage.

If you’re interested in SAP CX Perfect Store or have any questions, we would be very happy to hear from you.


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