Innovative technologies are affecting the logistics business more than many other businesses. Thereby, not only established logistics companies, but also new start-ups continuously release new technological innovations.

Today, there are hundreds of innovations advertised that are developed to increase your profit and service level or decrease your costs, mostly through enhancing the productivity in the overall logistics chain or the more efficient use of resources. Some even offer new revenue potential and, therefore, suggest the change of the complete business model to become a digital forerunner.

Examples range from tangible solutions like autonomous vehicles to non-tangible digital and cloud-based platform solutions, which can increase overall agility and visibility. One point is clear, logisticians – no matter from which point of the logistics chain: supplier, manufacturer or distribution and transportation – need to react fast to not miss the boat and stay competitive.

Finding the right technological innovations is key to succeed

Knowing and implementing the right technological innovations for your business is key to cope with this challenge successfully. However, reaching that point often includes extensive research activities as well as expert know-how. This process can easily take up to several demanding months and has a considerable cost impact for your business without success guarantee.

In view of the significant implementation costs, it is important to identify and go for the right technological innovation quickly to stay ahead of your competition. Imagine a tool containing the latest technological innovations in the transportation and warehousing field, evaluated by leading logistics experts in terms of their benefit potential and implementation feasibility.

The solution to your challenge: CAMELOT’s Digital Innovations Radar

The CAMELOT Digital Innovations Radar is a tool merging profound knowledge from leading logistics experts as well as extensive desk-based research. The Digital Innovations Radar gives you an overview of a constantly growing number of technological innovations and digital solutions in transportation and warehousing that are likely to change your logistical business comprehensively in the coming years. It covers a broad range of the logistics chain and is applicable to shippers and logistics service providers as well.

Overall, having this knowledge will decrease your reaction as well as adaptation time, which is inevitable to stay competitive in your fast-changing business.

Every single innovation is rated by experts based on its current market maturity to display the reliability of the innovation. The Digital Innovations Radar also serves as a comprehensive and continuously updated opportunity database for digital assessments. In addition to a detailed description of the technological innovations, the tool is also a valuable source of practical logistics use cases, highlighting potential key benefits as well as pointing out a possible implementation path.

What are the next steps to your successful digital transformation?

We at CAMELOT are leading experts in the implementation of technological innovations in logistics. Based on a joint assessment of the status quo regarding your digital maturity level and your strategic requirements, we help you define the right digital transformation path, covering process, IT and organizational aspects.

We accompany you along the entire digital transformation journey. From strategy to results – from envisioning to implementation. To find out more please contact our expert team!

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