You want to improve your document management and establish a flexible solution between your SAP Sales Cloud and your document templates? In this blog post, you will find out how you can easily improve your documents by using our Camelot Word integration solution.

By default, the SAP Sales Cloud offers the option of generating documents statically, which are created using the Adobe Lifecycle Designer. These are then stored as templates. The result of this standard approach here would be that a PDF is generated, which is downloaded statically based on the fields in question. With the Camelot Word Integration, users are given the opportunity to create contracts or offers in a very flexible manner. The data can be summarized and downloaded at the push of a button using the previously uploaded templates.

Integration of the extension directly in the SAP Sales Cloud

The Word integration tool is a SAPUI5 application, which is located on the SAP Cloud Platform. Integration of the app is handled via mashups in the SAP Sales Cloud. The app consists of two user views:

  1. Admin view
  2. User view

Admin view

The admin view allows the user to quickly and easily create new templates from an existing Word document. A template refers to a link between SAP C4C Odata[1] fields and a placeholder in the document. These templates can then be stored in the SAP Sales Cloud via the interface and made available in the user view. After loading a Word document or an existing template, all included placeholders are displayed. The user now only has to enter the name of the Odata field, the data of which is to be used to fill the respective placeholder. In our Word integration solution, it is also possible to display data from a linked C4C business object, such as a customer and contact, or format fields containing data appropriately. Many other types of links or formatting are possible and can be added based on your requirements. After assigning placeholders to the appropriate business object fields, you can assign a business object type (opportunity, account, …) and a name to the template. The document template is then available immediately in the user view. The admin view of our Word integration solution enables fast and intuitive creation, editing and testing of document templates. By separating the admin and user views, we remove the more complicated and labor-intensive part of template management from the user view. As a result of this, other employees do not need to have any previous knowledge of templates.

User view

The user view is displayed using an HTML mashup in the SAP Sales Cloud under the selected business objects. Using this view, you can quickly select a document template, which is then populated with the data from the currently selected business object using our Word integration solution. Use the drop-down menu to select a document template. After you have assigned a name, you can simply fill it with the data. The finished document is available within seconds as an attachment in the business object. The implementation of a user view enables our Word integration solution to be used easily with minimal knowledge/outlay. This functionality allows you to populate the appropriate document and make it available within seconds.


  • Quick and easy solution for creating document templates
  • No prior knowledge needed due to the intuitive tool
  • Flexibility in document management as you can create templates yourself
  • Time-savings and error prevention thanks to the automatic generation of documents
  • Two views
    • Admin view: Create and edit document templates
    • User view: Select and download finished documents

Are you interested in our solution or do you have any questions? Then please contact Roberto Wahl directly to receive an offer.

[1] Is a standard protocol based on REST, which is used to exchange data between systems

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