During the current time of social distancing many people are looking for a new sense of purpose of their lives to keep passion and motivation high. Showing your employees ways of how to engage in local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities will benefit both your local community and the mental well-being of your workforce.  

We are currently living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 outbreak is transforming the daily lives of organizations and their employees. Changes to the way we work, live and communicate with each other can leave us feeling lost. But this is also the time that enables us to grow, transform and innovate.

For many people contributing to social causes and participating in corporate social initiatives has been a way to bring a sense of purpose into their lives. With their daily lives drastically transformed, keeping the sense of stability while following their purpose and passion can be a live-safer for many employees. Maintaining your focus on CSR activities will not only help your employees and boost your organizational image, but also bring back a sense of normality within your communities, once it is safe to do so.

While many organizations think about scale when it comes to CSR efforts, especially the present situation is a great opportunity to focus on the local communities. Small businesses and local non-profits are currently the most vulnerable. By offering your support and showing how your employees can contribute, will offer much appreciated and immediate help to our local communities. Consider the community you are headquartered in or have regional centers in. Research ways and opportunities to offer help and support and involve your employees while doing so.  Some great examples are:

While providing support, please also remember: This is not the time to boast, as this will certainly backfire. Keep your communication pragmatic, focusing on the objective you are trying to support. Acting authentically and sincere will provide meaningful help and leave a lasting impact and impression.

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