With the increasing level of vertical integration, the eight Rs of logistics become more and more crucial. Besides the right (“R”) place, good, quantity, quality, costs, customer, information and time a 9Th “R” is vital to profit in the upcoming Hyper-VUCA world: The right consultancy. It is crucial to have the right consulting partner on your side who has the understanding, tools and proof to face upcoming challenges affecting the way you do business tomorrow.

CAMELOT Management Consultants is a worldwide leading value chain consultancy and logistics expert providing various solutions from strategy to operational results. This is the first blog post on a series about the “The 9th “R” of logistics”.

One of our core activities in logistics is to support recently merged organizations to optimize logistics and value stream related business processes further. Comparable to a team of new colleagues an organization also will encounter and has to pass the four steps from “forming” via “storming”, “norming” to “performing”. Ergo, overcoming the steps from losing money to generate profits.

Forming and Storming

Typical hurdles within the “forming” and “storming” phases are e.g. uncertainty of future hierarchies and responsibilities. Further, it is unclear what elements of the current and to-be-merged e.g. logistics and purchasing network should be kept and optimized. CAMELOT therefore developed multiple approaches to support your organization in a post-merger situation. However, these methods also apply in a pre-merger situation to assess potential M&A opportunities.

Quickly identify blind spots

In a post-merger case, a first approach is to conduct a value stream mapping respectively a logistics assessment by applying elements like RACI, SCOR and BPMN adjusted to the given industry. Key and CAMELOT’S strength is to quickly uncover eye-opening blind spots and realize quick wins. Quick wins directly can lead to an improved process flow, satisfy stakeholders and therefore support the acceptance of the conducted merger.

Which processes are suitable for digitalization?

Apart from uncovering blind spots and pain points, a CAMELOT’S logistics assessment also identifies suitable processes to be digitalized. Together with CAMELOTS digital frontrunner and affiliate Camelot ITLab it is possible to develop an innovative transformation strategy without being biased on a specific software solution. Next-level IT environments containing pioneering technologies like e.g. machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain data base become achievable this way. For instance, with Hypertrust X-Chain Camelot ITLab was able to create market’s first blockchain platform which is able to safely handle sensitive customer data in the healthcare sector. The ability to ensure this data safety, new business models like the direct-to-patient can be realized and ensure to be ahead of your competition.

Moreover, with the findings of our value stream mapping respectively logistics assessment we assist our partners to (re)design their asset and network strategy. Service differentiation and segmentation, like Direct-to-Patient models or reviewing service portfolios in new markets, are strengths of CAMELOT as well.

ALM confirms pioneering role

We are a proven frontrunner in logistics and supply chain management according to e.g. ALM Intelligence Research. One reason is that in CAMELOT’s projects a setup of industry familiar consultants with sum decades of experience as logistics and supply chain experts will be staffed. Especially, in pharma, chemical, logistics and retail organizations CAMELOT’s consultants have relevantly first-hand experience, process knowledge and know the insights. With this setup CAMELOT’s logistics line normally generates savings around eight percent in a short period of time.

CAMELOT’s concept is to provide solution from strategy to operational results. Click here to learn more about CAMELOT’s strategic capabilities.

In the following articles (part 2) we will present our capabilities in tactical and later in an operational environment to show you how important the right 9Th R really is.

All articles of the series at a glance:

The 9th “R” of logistics (part 2)
The 9th “R” of logistics (part 3)
The 9th “R” of logistics (part 4)

Create a Future-Proof Logistics Target Vision

Based on a customer case, you learn how to define a strategic direction to refine own competitive advantages in four steps.

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