Specific requirements

WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH is an international provider of mobile medical emergency devices. The customers range from rescue services and hospitals to various armies worldwide. Due to the complexity of the products and the legal regulations in the field of medical technology products, customer care is of particular importance in this industry.

Customer support begins as early as the acquisition phase with advice on choosing the right product and continues after the sale with the provision of necessary training for commissioning and operating the products. The service process is of particular importance in the medical technology industry, where legal regulations, short response times and full transparency are required.

CRM implementation

After WEINMANN had made an unsatisfactory attempt to introduce a CRM system some time ago, a thorough evaluation of its own processes and the solutions available on the market was carried out for the next attempt. The aim was, among other things, to link the external sales force, which until then had operated largely without system support, more closely with the internal sales force and the service areas. This was to be achieved with a future-oriented, flexible platform that can keep pace with the increasingly faster developments on the market.

Camelot ITLab was able to convince WEINMANN with the Sales and Service Cloud from the SAP C/4HANA portfolio combined with its process expertise. From the end of August 2018 to the end of February 2019, the first step of the implementation was successfully completed in a joint project and the C/4HANA Sales Cloud was introduced.

International sales

Sales at WEINMANN are divided into direct and indirect sales. Above all in the international environment, end customers are often served by dealers who purchase WEINMANN equipment. This and the different legal requirements in the individual countries represent a challenge for the sales organization.

A solution was needed that could transparently map the dealer network, the end customers and the network within the industry as well as provide an overview of the various international requirements. WEINMANN also wanted to realign future marketing processes on the basis of the central CRM solution. Manual tasks should be reduced drastically and the creation of target groups was to be made easier.

One specific technical challenge was the connection of the solution to the existing abas ERP system. This connection had to be designed in such a way that several independent ERP systems could be connected in the long term. These interfaces had to be developed and tested from scratch in cooperation with WEINMANN, the abas Competence Partner and Camelot. In addition to the usual customer base and offer data, data on the customer’s training status also had to be exchanged. A challenge with two fundamentally different data models.

Sales support

The sales cloud solution that was implemented was introduced pretty much in the standard version in line with the customer requirements. Only the interface solution and the segmentation requirements of the Marketing area were supported by in-house developments. Sales are supported by a standardized lead and opportunity process that is closely linked to the offer process in the ERP system. In addition to the offer and calculation documents, customer conditions are also provided in CRM. This means that external sales can always access the latest documents and information.

WEINMANN’s product experts can use the new solution to plan and document customer visits. All employees involved in customer service have the opportunity to record important information about the customer and retrieve it as and when required.

Marketing add-on

The marketing processes at WEINMANN were initially supported by the Marketing Segmentation add-on from Camelot. This is an add-on developed in cooperation with another company on the basis of the SAP Cloud platform for the standard segmentation tool of the Sales Cloud. With this solution, WEINMANN can flexibly access all data sources in the system for the purpose of segmentation, for example, to quickly send important SFCA messages to the right contact persons. With the add-on, the marketing solution in CRM could be extended with an important component for small and medium-sized companies with small marketing departments.

Convincing results

It was possible to harmonize the various non-homogeneous communication channels within the WEINMANN sales organization thanks to the project. For the first time, internal and external sales have a common platform that provides important customer information and enables cross-departmental cooperation. The improved ability to provide information is also reflected in higher customer satisfaction.

The presentation of information on the mobile devices of the employees shortens the reaction times and prevents a loss of important information. In combination with the deep integration into the abas backend system, a solution has been created that optimally combines the advantages of the new cloud solution with the established processes of the existing ERP system.

With the new segmentation solution, the marketing department can now independently carry out target group segmentation based on all of the relevant data available in the company. The required time and effort was greatly reduced as no timeconsuming, hard-coded selections need to be made in the ERP
system, as target groups can now be defined flexibly in the system.

The project established the basis for cross-divisional customer support and market development, which will be expanded in the coming months by roll-outs and the introduction of additional service functions.

If you and your company are facing a similar challenge and would like to know how we can support you, please contact us for further details.

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