Efficient Data Management is nowadays an important requirement for successful organizations. It’s the basis for accurate reporting and therefore sound management decisions to achieve competitive advantages.

With digitalization already being a major topic but still not finally adopted within all industries it’s now time to get your data management ready for transformation!

A key component of data management and an indispensable necessity for process automation is a high level of data quality. Partnering with experts to gain insights into data quality management, is therefore a must to get ahead of the competition and achieve quick results.

CAMELOT provides multiple offerings to kick-start your journey towards high data quality data management consisting of short-term activities analysis up to fully fledged long-term solutions with integrated roadmap planning and full suite tool solutions.

Data Quality Health Check

Identifying data inconsistencies and using the right checks and KPIs is often a challenging task, especially in commonly used heterogenous system landscapes.

The first step on your journey to high data quality is the CAMELOT Data Quality Health Check.

By using CAMELOT’s industry leading knowledge and best practices you receive a comprehensive review of your current data quality with only a small investment of time and resources.

Based on the findings, a data quality roadmap will be defined, tackling the major pain points in data governance, processes, organization and IT capabilities.

You have already investigated on your data quality and have a good view on what’s going wrong in your company but you are struggling how to move on and start your way to best in class data quality?

Integrating effective data quality processes and tools are complex procedures. In the nowadays the importance is even increasing in the context of harmonization projects which drive even higher requirements and complexity for data quality and cleansing.

Especially migration activities for master data are still one of the major obstacles for successful implementations of either dedicated MDM tools or ERP introductions. With the necessity of SAP S/4HANA implementations and the necessary shift to e.g. the business partner concept the relevance of successful migration activities is even higher than before. Considering the underlying implications regarding big shifts in terms of data structures, the achievement of high data quality should be a priority one topic on every projects agenda.

Our affiliate Camelot ITLab also offers technology driven services as described in the following paragraph (expert on this topic: Daniel Seel).

Get Clean

With the Camelot Get Clean platform we support end-to-end migration processes with a fully integrated approach:

  • Flexible scoping of migration relevant master data due to easy adjustable rule-sets
  • Standardization and harmonization of data through easy adaptable transformation and matching rules
  • Centralized workspace for consolidated migration activities supported by workflows and simple stakeholder involvement
  • Consistent validation checks via full integration of SAP standard and MDG custom rulesets

Additionally, the platform enables continuous data quality management to not just get your data clean, but keep it clean in the future. A key aspect in times of digitalization and automation to reduce efforts and cost related to master data management.

Start your journey to a high data quality system environment now and get in contact with us.


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