The SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of top companies and people across the globe that are using SAP products to transform their businesses, drive innovation, and win in the digital economy. Camelot ITLab as digital frontrunner in the SAP area is not only part of the SAP Innovation Awards 2019 but proudly submitted 6 outstanding innovations based on SAP Leonardo and other forward-looking technologies.

In this blog post we present our 2019 submissions. If you are interested in further information, our innovating experts will be happy to provide you with a demo.

1. Fighting smartphone theft with blockchain

The Camelot Blockchain Accelerator for Mobile Device Management provides the solution to end re-use of lost, stolen or invalid mobile devices: A blockchain based list of serial numbers and their owners, that is accessible to all manufactures, operators, OEM’s and other players to increase trust and data security for all stakeholders. This accelerator has been developed in co-innovation with Deutsche Telekom AG and SAP, and was also widely discussed in the media.

2. Demand-Driven: next level supply chain planning

Today’s complex and volatile market conditions challenge companies to act flexible and fast by thinking in new paradigms in the supply chain context. With DDMRP for SAP IBP Camelot is extending SAP IBP standards through SAP Cloud Platform to support the shift of demand planning, supply planning and integrated business planning processes to the next level – supported by SAP IBP as the core planning solution to improve all connected KPIs.

3. Highly automated loading meter handling using AI and IoT laser devices

Limited freight capacities and the need for costs and utilization optimization are increasingly gaining importance in logistics. Loading meter is often used to freight space planning, reservation and billing. Camelot’s solution is leveraging AI and IoT technologies to determine the expected capacity needs in complicated cases like mixed pallets, missing master data etc. This increases both efficiency and sustainability in terms of reduced CO2 emissions.

4. Segment and Strategize

Customers are facing challenges in managing complex End-to-End Supply Chains in an efficient and effective manner for product and resource segmentation to determine forecast, inventory and replenishment strategies. Camelot’s Segment & Strategize solution provides extensive functionalities for a self-adapting Supply Chain with automatic segmentation as well as Machine Learning algorithms for the continuous improvement for the Supply Chain strategies and tactical parameter definition.

5. “Alexa, start SAP Cloud for Customer…”

Managing visits in SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud can get very time consuming when traveling a lot – like sales people usually do when covering a whole region driving from customer to customer. Camelot’s Amazon Alexa Skill for the Sales Cloud of SAP C/4HANA that runs on SAP Cloud Platform allows managing visits with natural language while driving or doing other parallel tasks.

6. Fighting cancer with blockchain

With Hypertrust X-Chain Camelot provides a blockchain based permission platform that can be leveraged for a wide variety of use cases making blockchain a secure experience for businesses. The Camelot Spin-off Hypertrust Patient Data Care uses this technology for securing a patient-centered closed-loop supply and distributed data chain for autologous cell therapies. Through this innovation blockchain and IoT technologies can be utilized to fight cancer.

SAP S/4 Transformation: Survey on Expectations

The study "Expectations on S/4HANA in 2022" by techconsult and CamelotITLab shows possible painpoints in any migration and how they can be avoided. With data from 200 companies in Germany.

Download the complete study here

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