To remain in touch with their customers in the digital age, companies need to rethink their marketing activities. It used to be that mailings and personalized newsletters were enough to engage your customers. Now, the content you communicate needs to pinpoint both your customers’ current and any future needs they may have – and in a way that is contextual and tailored to the recipient.

Doing so, however, requires a marketing solution that is directly integrated with your core processes, as this will enable you to choose the right content and the most effective channel to reach your customers and prospects. SAP Hybris* Marketing is an omni-channel solution that allows you to achieve just that.

Leveraging its wide range of functionalities, you can execute your marketing strategy to the fullest and control your activities in a way that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing operations.

Predictable real-time marketing with contextual content

Being able to centrally plan your marketing budgets and programs enables you to coordinate your marketing activities and map your strategies. Your planning can then be implemented operationally by your local marketing teams through campaigns and events. An interactive calendar is available that always keeps both marketing managers and marketers in the loop regarding any ongoing or upcoming campaigns. This allows your marketing organization to connect and communicate optimally at all times, even when its members are organizationally or geographically dispersed.


To ensure full and actionable visibility into the needs of your customers and prospects, Hybris Marketing gives you the ability to channel the information on all touchpoints you have with your customers and to leverage it for campaign purposes. Graphical views of the customer journey help marketers identify particularly valuable channels and intensify their marketing activities accordingly.

A powerful segmentation tool lets you deliver the right content at the right time and to the right recipient using the right channel. This tool needs to be able to access all of the data available throughout the enterprise. SAP Hybris Marketing comes with a segmentation engine that has interfaces with all systems, allowing it to pull all relevant information.

The campaign module enables the contextual creation of content. Aligning your marketing activities with the actual requirements of the recipients will increase the probability for success.


In order to be able to measure the success of your marketing campaigns once they are over, you need to be able to compare the amount of business generated from the campaign with the cost involved in carrying it out. SAP Hybris Marketing gives you a simple and convenient way to quantify the costs associated with a campaign. An interface with the ERP system allows you to model even your most complex marketing projects. This allows you to allocate the actual costs recorded in the ERP system and to break them down by marketing campaign.


With the capability to generate leads from within your campaigns you can ensure the seamless flow of information between your sales and marketing teams. Your leads can be qualified using custom scoring models and transferred to the CRM system through the corresponding interface. Sales representatives can then work from there and convert these leads into opportunities and, eventually, into sales.

To support the lead process, you can also transfer activities such as tasks and appointments to the CRM system. Afterwards, the results of these activities can be used for scoring purposes and the qualification of leads.

What’s more, it helps you ensure an ideal customer experience across all channels. To achieve this, SAP Hybris Marketing allows you to create personalized offers and product recommendations, which can in turn be used in the different channels to communicate a consistent and contextual message.

With its powerful reporting tool that is capable of processing and interpreting data in real time, SAP Hybris Marketing provides you with end-to-end visibility into your marketing activities. Key figures such as marketing ROI and conversion rates across the entire sales process, from offer to order to invoice, are put right at your fingertips, enabling you to effectively take control of your marketing activities.

*Note: The name of the SAP Hybris suite was changed to SAP C/4HANA in June 2018, and later into SAP CX. For further information please visit the SAP website.

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